David Guison on Blogging, Fashion and Personal Life During Bigby’s, CDO Meet and Greet

David Guison, go-to online influencer whom people aspire to be, comes to CDO to engage his Kagayanon audience in line with Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant launch of perks card.

David Guison Bigbys CDO

Everyone in the room were speechless when David Guison finally entered the room and was even more stunned when he started talking. As he shared his journey towards blogging, fashion and personal life, he did not only enlightened us how those very aspects have undoubtedly catapulted his name from just another male fashion blogger to a style authority, now he calls himself an Online influencer, but as well showed us his other fun and quirky side.

David Guison Bigbys CDO


  1. His blog started out as a requirement in his subject / course. It was a photoblog at first until one day, someone asked him to try out some outfit shots.
  2. Curious as how and where fashion bloggers got there outfits, he brought packed lunch to school just to dedicate a budget for his clothes and believe it or not, even ukay-ukay was included in his shopping lists.

    Mayayaman ba to sila, saan nila nakukuha ang mga damit nila?

  3. His first brand sponsor was Forever 21. Remembering the first time he tagged the brand to his outfit, he received an email from them days after asking him to become their ambassador.

    …ah scam to! Pro nang nakita ko ang post ni Tricia Gosingtian regarding sa F21 ambassador, binalikan ko ulit ang email at nag YES!

    Today, he is still the only male blogger included in the category.

  4. The reason he transferred to a different platform from tumblr to wordpress was that his laptop was stolen. He later found out after viewing his tumblr pictures in his new laptop with retina display that everything wasn’t really that good and looks pixelated. Despite the risk of losing all the comments, readers and views, he pushed through in transferring to WordPress and with the help of techy Camille Co in making his site retina display ready.
  5. His greatest achievement to note so far was his trip to Sweden being the only blogger correspondent on the trip to visit the H&M headquarters.
  6. He also feels getting tired of blogging everytime he reads hate comments, which would mean, he wasn’t pleasing everyone.

    May mga nagsasabing, “You just ruin the brand ganito and ganyan…”

    So, instead of living in the sea of negative voice, he makes sure to appreciate his readers by personally replying to each comment.

David Guison Bigbys CDO


  1. He is more inclined towards art rather than fashion so he rarely get style inspirations or ideas from magazines and the likes, instead, from music and movies that is inextricably linked to it.

    …from random things talaga kahit cartoons and cars…

  2. Together with his blogger friends (Camille, Kryz, Laureen and so on), they usually take OOTD shots at around 4:30 – 5:00 pm. (this question came from me about the golden hour.hihi)

    …mga 4:30-5:00 pm talaga then dapat low angle kasi 5’8 lang ako para magmukhang mataas ang legs. Then, wifi rin dapat pra real time posting sa instagram.

  3. He loves mixing different trends in one outfit like how he is able to combine swimwear pieces and formal together and etc with a number one rule of always adding his personal style to the clothing pieces his brands send him. His typical go-to-style or shoot-style is composed of weather-friendly-layer essentials but when off-cam:

    Patapon lang talaga. Naka tsinelas lang, ganon.

David Guison Bigbys CDO


  1. No Girlfriend (Go girls!haha)
  2. When asked regarding his typical personal regimen, he joking replied:

    Amaro (instagram filter) and HB1 (vscocam filter) ay hindi… I go to the gym three times a week.

  3. His best cooking recipe is SMOOTHIES.hehe
  4. 5 – 10 years from now, he’ll probably be shifting from fashion blogging to a more age appropriate niche, maybe in parenting or technology. He may also be doing business at that point.

    Syempre nakakahiya naman siguoro kung anak mo pa ang magpicture sayo…

  5. Inspirational Message:

    Be yourself! Enjoy what you do and don’t do something just to please others. Offer something na hindi pa nakikita ng iba.

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    David Guison Bigbys CDO

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