Back to Basics: Building a Wardrobe for 2015

In the past 4 years since I started using my own money in shopping clothes, it’s just this month that I have had the time to take a look at my closet including my laundry basket (lol) and storages that contain garments I haven’t worn anymore. It surprises me as how such almost occupy my entire room to about 90% estimate, which now makes me wonder why everyday I am still experiencing the “I have nothing to wear” scenario everytime I open my wardrobe.

back to basics

credits to the owner of the photo

What I have found out…

  1. I’m fond of buying trendy clothes that are rarely candidates for daily casual wears.
  2. I buy outfits everytime I have an upcoming event so, they end up parked at a corner and are rarely used (worst forgotten).
  3. I do last minute shopping for (again) an upcoming event so; I never have the chance to ask myself if I can wear it other than that particular occassion.
  4. I love buying stuffs that are on sale not because I need or want them but just because for the cheaper price.
  5. I only buy one piece per item most especially to those that I love wearing the most (usually the basics). That’s why the feeling of I-have-nothing-to-wear once I open my closet is there because my favorite piece is still in the laundry basket.

So, you can just imagine that #1 – 4 comprise most of my wardrobe with only a bit of #5.

Now what I’m gonna do…

I’m back to basics and my journey of building my Wardrobe for 2015 starts today. Below are my first few pieces.

back to basics, Giordano

Giordano Tees – 3 for 999 while the Trousers is at 20% discount.

I figured my basic white V-neck tee never failed me in my daily laid back blues so adding a few more from Giordano would be the best solution. The brand is known for their timeless Essentials – the “must haves” that complete any outfit, whatever the season.

What’s your favorite brand for your basics and essentials?